Reading your baby's signals

When baby wasn’t born yet, this is when he is still in his mother’s tummy, every movement will always make mother nervous, of course we can understand these feelings, but if you get too worry on movement of the baby is bad for him too. Therefore, you should go check regularly, also learn more about pregnancy so that you won’t be worry too much.
The movement of fetus
1. The frequency range of movement of the fetus
In day time, it moves 4 to 6 times in every one hour; every 12 hours he will move 30 to 45 times, at least more than 15 times
In night time, it is the time it moves most frequently, it moves 13 times or above every one hour. (during the day time it moves 7 times normally)
2. Features of different period of time when the fetus moves
When it gets to the middle age of pregnancy, the movements of fetus got more regular, it will makes large range of movements, for example, tumbling, stretching arms, kicking, etc.; when it gets to the late age of pregnancy it will get less movement than the middle age of pregnancy.

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