“Pooping” and baby’s health

1. To develop a habit of baby pooping on time
If a baby is healthily growing, they will poop on time, where poop more after they had breakfast is included. This time baby’s emotion is steady, they could concentrate pooping, and therefore, mother could use this fixed time to let baby to know about what is pooping and be creates a conditional reflex.

2.When baby can’t poop, don’t let him to sit on the toilet too long and not even let them play or reading books while they poop because they are distracted by other things they won’t poop, every time when they pooping the maximum will be 10 minutes and they shouldn’t poop too many in one day.

3.You need to let baby accept, not exclude
​Help baby to understand their body, you let them think that their body is important, useful also physiological functions are normal, to let them have health body and heart. While “today don’t poop again”, “if you don’t poop, there will be germs in your stomach” something like these to make your baby have a bad image in their mind, if it’s what makes them not to poop, this will seriously affect what they think about their body when they grow up

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