How to Take Care of a Coughing Baby

Baby is always resisting of eating medicine, but it’s really heard to cure. Therefore, you can use good tasting diet to cure, let baby accept it. If it is hot and dry cough, use less Fritillaria to stew Pyrus nivalis ; if baby is weak, and coughing all the time, you may use red carrot to stew Dried red Jujubes to cure. Ingredients: Red carrot half a gram Dried red Jujubes (without core) 12 pieces How to make: 1. Get rid of the skin of red carrot, cuts into pieces 2. Wash the dried re jujubes/ 3. Put all the ingredient into the pot with 4 bowl of clean water. 4. Boil it for 45 minutes. 5. Finish. Tips to Take care and prevent cough - You should rest more when you are sick, and have treatments from the doctors. - Reduce numbers of going out, in order to avoid having other illness. - Drink more water, to increase expectoration. - If baby cough with sputum, use your hand to help coughing out the sputum. - When baby is coughing, you may hold him to the chest, and pat softly on the back to comfort the baby. - Wear the mask and wash your hand before you taking care of the baby, in order to avoid infection.

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