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About the Animation

“The Herbal Family” is a premium 3D animation series committed to promoting traditional Chinese medicine culture and the development of global healthcare industry. Based on the themes of herbs and homology, the storyline combines "Magic and Reality" to spread the knowledge of Chinese herbal medicine. It brings you to a dreamy herbal wonderland, with herbal elves of different personalities, to experience interlocking, fascinating adventures!

The main character, Hinson Pang, enters a herbal wonderland by chance, and becomes acquainted with the “Herbal Medecine Master” Li Shizhen. He teams up with herbal elves and Master Li to fight against the Disease Devil and starts an adventure that saves the herbal wonderland and humanity.

Lilii Bulbus

Sweet, slightly cold; lung and heart meridians entered.
Nourish yin of lung and heart, clear heat of lung and heart, relieve cough and dispel phlegm, calm heart and induce tranquilization.

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